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Experience the Beauty in Education

In the case where an applicant fails to meet the minimum Admission/Entrance requirements, neither the institution nor the student can waive the requirements.

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Program Requirements

  • Grade 12 graduation or 19 years of age or older
  • Students under 19 years of age must have graduated from Grade 12 or equivalent (B.C. high school diploma, B.C. Adult Graduation Diploma, General Educational)
  • Interview with Senior Educational Administrator
  • Admissions criteria questionnaire
  • English language proficiency established by one of the following (for non-high school graduates that are 19 years and older & ESL only):
    • Review of High School Transcript (minimum grade 10 English);
    • OR Successful completion of the Legends Academy administered vocabulary reading and comprehension test (Minimum grade of 75%)

Enroll at Legends Academy Today

Legends Academy offers a variety of comprehensive Diploma Programs in Cosmetology. It is our belief that a strong foundation in your career starts with the education we offer in our programs. Therefore you will find the most current and progressive training at our facility. We offer in-depth theory and hands-on practical training to prepare our graduates for a successful career in Cosmetology. We welcome you to take a tour of our facility and compare our programs offered in the industry.

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Experience the Beauty in Education