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About Our Academy

Experienced & Qualified Staff Members

It is our staff’s goal at Legends Academy to give students an unparalleled cosmetology education in the greater Vancouver area. Each member of our team has more than a decade and a half of cosmetology experience and oversees students while they are practicing their skills with clients. We believe practical training and hands-on experience is the best form of education one can receive, which is why we offer both classroom and client-based education and training.

girl teaching how to apply makeup

What We Offer

At Legends Academy, we offer the following characteristics:

  • High success rate of student to employment ratio
  • Designated with PTIB
  • Convenient location
  • Staff members who have up to 30 years of experience
  • Competitively priced programs
  • Various cosmetology programs

If you want to begin your career in cosmetology or wish to further your cosmetology education, please consider attending our cosmetology school in the Fraser Valley. We encourage you to visit our campus and compare our classes with other cosmetology schools in the area. Please call us at 604-530-4678 if you have any questions or wish to discover how our programs can help you obtain your dream job.


We are excited to share that MA Academy ‘s team of instructors and their students have joined Legends Academy in 2021!

We are very pleased that our students and customers will still receive the same high standard of education and services as previously provided for many years and will continue in Langley City.

The current MA team of instructors and their students have moved into its new location under the new ownership of Legends Academy (Langley),

Should you have any questions, concerns, or want to book an appointment, please feel free to contact us. Our receptionist in Langley City is there to assist with any bookings or Inquires into our programs or services offered.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Legends Gives Back

Aldergrove Extreme Home Repair Recipients “Overwhelmed with Gratitude” after Day at Spa

A hard-working single mom with three adopted children, Sarah Scarrow isn’t used to being pampered; but this year’s Extreme Home Repair recipient and her 17 year old daughter Teara received a whole lot of pampering on May 13, thanks to the generosity of local realtor Diane Sparks-Cassidy from Prudential Power Play Realty, along with Langley’s Legends Academy (formally Mark Anthony Academy).

Sarah and her kids, ages 18, 17, and 11, are already receiving a gift of a lifetime from the Extreme Home Repair (EHR) Team at Church in the Valley (CIV).

EHR is part of the church’s longstanding Acts of Kindness (AOK) program, which serves the community in many ways. For this year’s EHR, Sarah’s 40-year old split-level home in Aldergrove is being completely renovated by a group of 100 volunteers and tradespeople, with a huge amount of support from up to 100 businesses. Sarah’s house is in dire need of numerous repairs. The front bay window is currently unsealed and the kitchen cabinets are in very rough shape. Also, there are many areas of damaged drywall and the floor coverings are so worn they must be replaced.

Although Sarah works full-time, most of her paycheque goes toward the mortgage, which leaves very little left over for property repair and upkeep.

Leading up to the big reveal on Victoria Day Monday at 5 p.m., when the family returns to see their renovated home at 26981 28A Ave., for the first time in more than two weeks, Sarah and Teara were given an additional, very personal gift.

From 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on May 13, mom and daughter enjoyed a full day at the spa including a pedicure, manicure, full body massage, facial, haircut, and colour.

“It was amazing,” said Sarah, who said she had previously never set foot in a spa. “A scalp massage is highly recommended.”

Sparks-Cassidy, who each year gives EHR recipients a makeover to match their homes – provided lunch with sparkling apple cider to, she said, “really make it feel special.” Each year, Sparks-Cassidy looks forward to giving the mom of an EHR household a makeover because she gets the opportunity to meet “wonderful women who always put their families before themselves.”

“So to provide them with a day of pampering and watch the joy beam from their faces is just a real feel good moment,” Sparks-Cassidy said.

Sparks-Cassidy doesn’t meet the recipient until their day at the spa, where  students give them a personal makeover, and this year admits it was an emotional meeting. “I have to tell you I got a little misty when Sarah told me a spa day was on her bucket list,” Sparks-Cassidy said. “She was over the moon with Joy, and so was her daughter.” Sarah said once the day at the spa was done, she felt that she looked 10 years younger.

During conversation, Sparks-Cassidy learned that Teara was graduating this year so she asked her if she would like to come back for an ‘Up-Do’ and make-up for her grad day. “She was thrilled so they did a rehearsal for her graduation hairdo and she loved it,” Sparks Cassidy related. “So she will return to Legends for her grad hair and makeup.”

Sparks-Cassidy said senior educational administrator Launie Morgan at Legends Academy “stepped up to the plate again this year,” donating half the cost of everything while providing “outstanding service.”

“Everyone there really made the day special for the girls,” Sparks-Cassidy said. “I look forward to meeting and giving next year’s recipient a wonderful day.” Sarah said she was “overwhelmed with gratitude” to Sparks-Cassidy and the Legends Academy. “They really made me feel like a princess,” Sarah said.

Experience the Beauty in Education