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Shampoo, Cut and Style

Shampoo/Style (set) $10.00
Haircut – Designer (starts at) $20.00
Haircut Regular $10.00
Haircut/Blowdry/Style $15.00
Bang Trim $5.00

Colours and Foils

Permanent/Semi Colour $40.00
Streaks (cap highlights) $45.00
Caps Highlights w/toner $50.00
Ombre $80.00
Permanent Colour w/filler $80.00
Extra Tube (colour) $15.00
Permanent Colour w/highlights $80.00
Full Head Foils w/toner $75.00
Foils (2 colours) $80.00
Half Head Foils w/toner $50.00
Colour Correction (per hour) $40.00
Bleach and Toner $75.00


Basic Perm/No Finish $29.00
Perm – Conditioning $39.00
Perm Specialty/Sensitive $46.00
Perm Piggyback/Spiral (starts at) $75.00
Partial Perm (per rod) $3.00
Extra Solution (perm) $3.00
Add-on Haircut w/perm or colour $6.00
Add-on Finish w/perm or colour $6.00


Conditioning Treatment (starts at) $10.00
20 min. Scalp Massage $25.00
Braids – Designer (starts at) $10.00
Long Hair Up-Do (starts at) $20.00
Corn Rows (each) $3.50
Hair Extensions (per hour) $35.00

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