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Hair Removal

Upper Lip $20.00
Chin $20.00
Sideburn $20.00
Under Arm $40.00
Forearms $55.00
Full Arm $90.00
Half Leg $95.00
Full Body no chest or back $450.00
Full Legs $155.00
Bikini $40.00
French Bikini $70.00
Brazilian $90.00
Chest $160.00
Back $175.00

Skin Rejuvenation

Full Face $100.00
Decollete/Neck $75.00
Chest $100.00
Hands $50.00

Body Contouring

Upper Arms $120.00
Back $120.00
Hips or Waist $120.00
Abdomen $120.00
Upper Leg $240.00
Buttocks $240.00

Infrared Skin Tightening

Face $100.00
Neck $75.00
Contour of Neck $35.00

Tattoo Removal

1 x 1 inch $120.00

Consultation required for sizing and pricing

All Medical Laser pricing subject to average treatment.

All Laser and Light treatments pricing will be determined and confirmed at time of consultation, as per individual needs.

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