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Update June 2, 2020  

We are now open June 2nd, 2020 – The safety of our clients, students and staff is of our top priority therefore we have implemented the following Protocols at M A Academy as per Worksafe BC and the schools high level disinfection practices we all are Certified with  

All staff, students and clients must have a face mask at all times as we cannot safely social distance and keep 6 feet away while performing any of the services.

  • By appointment only. No walk-ins.
  • The waiting area is temporarily closed with no walk-ins.
  • When we call to book your appointment that was canceled, please note that we can not do multi-department bookings on the same day. We need to keep our staff and students safe along with our guests. With this, we have cohorts of groups that are only working within each other. Services will not be available every day and we will let you know this when booking.
  • We have restricted scheduling and closed half our stations to limit the number of customers who can be in our school at a time.
  • If you do not have a car and need to rest prior to your service, we will try to have some seating outside that will be reserved for certain guests.
  • Don’t bring any bags or purses into the salon, we ask that you store these either safely in your car or at home. Please don’t bring in any jackets, we won’t have anywhere for you to store these.
  • We also ask you to not bring in any beverages or food items. We will not have anywhere for you to have these.
  • Please arrange for pick up/drop off accordingly as we won’t have anywhere for you to sit and wait. We will have to ask you to go outside.
  • Please use the bathroom prior to coming, we will be limiting our restrooms to students and staff.
  • Cleaning and or/disinfection of all surfaces and implements between every guest.
  • Laundering all capes and linens and dried at high heat. Every guest has new, clean linen that has been stored appropriately.
  • Any non-essential items that could potentially transfer germs have been removed. (Ie. Magazines, appointment reminder cards, coffee, etc.)
  • Ensuring the sanitation of payment machine between guests
  • Ensured our school has the appropriate PPE to be used during services including masks, disposable gloves, and face shields.
  • We have social distancing stickers on the floor to know where to comfortably stand along with indicators on the floor.
  • We have plexiglass barriers sneeze guards at the front desk and all nail stations as well as face guards in the school for services requiring them.
  • Clear signage communicating our procedures to our guests.
  • Some services have been halted for the time being to shorten the time.
  • Pre-screening of our staff members and students.
  • If any of our students or staff are experiencing any symptoms or feel sick, they will be asked to stay home.
  • We will now have a $4.00 COVID FEE (senior services under $10 will be a $2 charge) added to every service. This is to help us provide all the necessary PPE and disinfectant product required to keep you safe and allow for the additional time needed to sanitize thoroughly between each and every guest as we function in a restricted scheduling world.

Client Arrival Procedure:

  • We ask that clients wear a mask. If they do not have one, we have disposable masks available that they can purchase for $2.
  • We recommend arriving no earlier than 10 minutes before their appointment.
  • Clients will call to let reception know they have arrived or give us a wave from outside.
  • We will let them know they can come in or ask them to wait until we had time to disinfect and sanitize prior to their entrance.
  • We will ask them to use a hand sanitizer that will be provided.
  • We will ask them pre-screening questions regarding any symptoms or travel before entry.
  • The usual signing of our Guest Waiver Form.

We will be required to ask you:

  • Do you have now or in the past two weeks a cough, runny nose, fever, and or body aches?
  • Have you traveled outside of the country and or province within the last two weeks?
  • Have you been around anyone sick, this includes cough, runny nose, fever, and or body aches?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone in the last two weeks who have tested positive for COVID-19?
  • Has anyone been sick in your house within the last two weeks?

  • Please arrange for pick up/drop off accordingly as we won’t have anywhere for you to sit and wait. We will have to ask you to go outside.
  • Then they will leave through the front entrance and wait in their car or outside until they can enter for their appointment at the designated entrance upon our phone call from or waving them in.
  • We are communicating with clients to please be patient if we are running behind as a bit more TLC than usual and we are taking extra measures to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Upon entering through the designated entrance, we will ask them to use a hand sanitizer that will be provided and washed their hands then you will be directed to your stylist or technicians station.
  • Any necessary personal belongings must be kept with them at their techs station. If it is nice out it is recommended to leave their jacket in the car.
  • No friends or family are permitted to join unless they have an appointment.
  • If they are experiencing any symptoms or feel unwell in any way, we ask that they reschedule their appointment as they may be asked to leave if our staff feels they cannot confidently perform their service.
  • We will have a strict no-show policy as our schedule is limited, if a client does not arrive for their appointment without notice and we do not hear from them we will not be re-booking them right away.
  • When we call to book your appointment, we will be asking you the same questions when you arrive too. Please be honest and truthful with your answers, we are more than happy to rebook you.

Salon Service Details:

  • The client will be waiting outside to be called in for the appointment, the instructor will call the client while they are waiting outside to conduct the consultation on speakerphone, the student will keep a social distance of 6 feet while listening to the consultation.
  • Once the consultation is finished the instructor will advise the client to enter the school, sanitize their hands again and the student will walk the client to the treatment area while maintaining a social distance of 6 feet, reminding the client there is no talking during service.
  • Have the client wash hands if they have not done so already.
  • Bring the client to the service area. The student will instruct the client on where to place (personal items (rubbermaid bin) and how to prepare for service) *only applicable to esthetics services.
  • The student and instructor wash hands.
  • Begin service following service protocol and standard precautions with the addition of face masks for clients & students/instructor, when the client is unable to wear a mask (ie: during facial treatments or facial waxing the student/instructor will wear a face shield as well) applicable to services when needed.
  • Hair services will have a plastic bag to put all soiled towels into a station. Once services are complete towels will be brought over in the closed bag.
  • After service student will walk the client up to the front desk maintaining a 6-foot distance between student and client.
  • If the student needs the instructor’s assistance during the service the student will step away and maintain a social distance of 6 feet while the instructor steps in to demonstrate the correct technique.
  • When the service is completed the student will step away and maintain a social distance of 6 feet while the instructor steps in to check service and conduct closing consult.
  • The student will walk the client up to the front desk while maintaining a social distance of 6 feet.
  • If any retailing is to be done the instructor will handle all products the student has recommended to the client while maintaining a social distance of 6 feet.
  • The student/instructor will return to the service area and begin clean up.
  • Clients will use instructed doors to exit from.
  • No client will be able to remain inside after the service is completed.
  • The student/instructor puts on sani gloves.
  • All single-use items will be disposed of in a covered waste container.
  • All countertops and high touch surfaces will be cleaned and then sanitized with PREempt RTU spray.
  • Esthetics Department: any laundry or linens will be rolled up inwards on itself and immediately put into the washing machine if the washing machine is in use soiled laundry/linens will be stored in a sealed bag/container until it can be laundered.
  • The hair department will bring their soiled towels to the washing machine and empty the bag into the machine.
  • The student/instructor clean then disinfect all work areas, stools, and bed with PREempt RTU disinfectant spray allowing to sit for 3 minutes before being wiped down with fresh sani gloves & clean cloth.
  • All plexiglass to be cleaned with windex only.
  • Staff make service notes and file client form away after service.

Restroom Protocol

  • ONLY IF EXTREME NEED ARISES the client is to use the restroom before they come for their service.
  • Student/staff to wipe down all high touch surfaces in restroom with PREempt wipe before client use ie: toilet seat, countertop, sink & taps, allowing 3 minutes “wet time” to ensure disinfection occurs before a client may enter.
  • Restroom to be deep cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day.

Laundry Room Protocol

  • All laundry/linens must go immediately into the washing machine and be laundered with hot water and detergent.
  • Laundry/linens will be dried on high until hot to the touch and no dampness remains.
  • If the machine is in use dirty laundry/linens must be stored in a sealed bag until it is laundered.
  • All high touch surfaces in laundry room will be frequently disinfected throughout the day.
  • Laundry/linens will be stored in a covered area.

Update March 20, 2020 

In Support of the Public Health Emergency declared this week, M A Academy will temporarily suspend classes for all programs for a Study Break.  Starting March 20, 2020 to April 1, 2020.  This allows staff time to transition to temporary on-line classes that will be conducted until it has been determined to be safe for our Students to return to their classes, when the Government determines it is truly safe, we will resume classes on-site.

This is for the safety and well being of all our Students, Staff and our valued clients.  We want to help keep you safe. during these stressful times.

The Administration and Instructors will be available during this break to assist and answer any questions as we move forward day by day as this unfolds.  We are here to support you…  Please use the links below to find the most updated information and developments.

All the Staff,

M A Academy 

On behalf of our team at M A Academy of Cosmetology, let me begin by saying that all those affected by COVID-19 are in our thoughts and we wish the best for recovery. We are taking the global outbreak very seriously and being proactive as it is our top priority to the safety and health of our students and staff. As the situation continues to unfold, we have full confidence in our team’s ability to continuously adapt our preventive measures and operations accordingly, based on guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada and Fraser Health Authorities and the Ministry of Advanced Education. It is of utmost importance to us that both our guests and our students and staff continue to feel comfortable coming into our Academy and that we are going above and beyond to keep everyone safe. Here are just some of the few of the steps we are taking:

  • We ask that all clients/guests that have been outside of the Country and this includes driving across the border into Washington State to self-quarantine for 2 weeks as stated by the Government of Canada.
  • Any clients do not come to our Academy if showing any symptoms of the cold or flu, no matter how mild, to contact the front reception as they MUST reschedule their appointment. This applies to our team as well.
  • More information can be found at Health Link BC
  • Although we use good practices already in the Academy we have increased signage throughout the school to remind Staff and Students of Covid-19 good practice procedures.
  • Each treatment room and its surfaces will be disinfected after every single treatment. This includes treatment beds, countertops, chairs, door handles, and anything else that comes into contact.
  • Our front area of the academy will be disinfected multiple times every hour. Not just at the start and end of the day. This too will include all our debit/credit card machines, desktops, keyboards, doorknobs, etc.

As we become aware of the changes in Government requirements Student must stay vigilant with advising their instructors of any concerns with regards to their health with the Instructor or Administration staff.

In the event of a Student absence because of self isolation, the student must contact the Administration staff at M A Academy and the Academy will work with the student to adjust their program end dates and work with the student to find alternate ways to make up hours as well.

These are just a few of the precautions and adjustments we have implemented at M A Academy thus far and are committed to monitoring any updates from the Public Health Agency and the BC Centre of Disease Control For all recent updates with regards to the Covid-19 virus please visit the above sites.

We are humbled by our client’s loyalty and ongoing support. Let us all work together to keep our community healthy and safe.